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Is Gold IRA a good Investment?

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How Does Gold IRA Work? a Guide

For those of you lucky enough to own precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum, you might be looking at ways to secure them for your retirement.


In this article, we are going to discover how you can safely deposit your coins, gold bars, and other metals. We will also explore how Gold IRA works, whether you qualify, and more!


Let’s first start with the short answer as to the method of investing your precious metals in a Gold IRA.


How does Gold IRA work? Gold IRA accounts have additional benefits to usual retirement accounts, including more control and the ability to invest in solid gold bars and other precious metals. You will need a custodian to hold the assets and an IRA specialist will understand complexities and discover account suitability


Now we’ve seen the short answer. Let's delve a little deeper into this important topic.

How does it all work?

A Gold IRA works in a similar way to any other retirement account. It’s different as it gives you more control over your investment and allows you to include solid gold coins and bars, along with other IRS approved metals such as palladium, silver, and platinum.


Some of the other benefits include:


  1. Beneficiaries

  2. Check balances online

  3. Quarterly statements


So you may be wondering if your account will qualify? Let’s take a look below.

Will your account qualify?
images (21).jpg

Gold has actually surpassed the Dow by more than 300% in the last decadeSmall bars and coins accounted for roughly two-thirds of yearly financial investment gold need and around one - fourth of worldwide gold demand over the past 10 years...

Regardless if the dollar increases or falls, the value of gold stays the same, and can also increase when currency decreases...precious Gold is a limited useful resource that possesses significant inherent value...

fair market value of a gold bar is virtually entirely based upon its weight in gold,,the much larger the bar is, the higher the rate,,In addition to the bar's size, you also have various types of bars to choose from, generally minted as well as cast...

The minted precious metal bars are hand cut from a huge level piece of precious gold and are usually produced with shiny finishes as well as creative styles....

Cast bars have a tendency to lack the renowned shine of produced bars,,Cast bars appear even more "natural" and also are amazing visual reminders of gold's long-lasting history...It's important that you choose the right provider for inquiring gold and silver online....Regal Assets Is the number #1 safest way to by gold or silver online...

Any well-reputed precious metal IRA company will hook you with an IRA specialist, who will help you find out whether your account is qualified to be transferred.


If it requires transferring it can be transferred penalty-free, however, some may have a surrender charge.


This is why employing a knowledgeable IRA specialist will help you work through the complexities and discover whether transfer charges are applicable.

How do you set up an IRA Account?

If you are looking to open a gold IRA account, you will require a custodian in order to hold the assets for you.


The chief reason for this is that the gold doesn’t go into a regular savings account, but into an account approved by IRS.


You can contact your nearest credit union, bank, brokerage firm or trust company to look for an authorized custodian for your gold IRA.


If you are looking to open a gold IRA account, you’ll require a custodian in order to hold the assets for you

How to choose an IRA plan

Most of the precious metal IRA companies provide you with two different choices for storing your precious metals. Let’s explore them below

Local storage plan

Also known as a home storage gold IRA, setting up a local storage plan in this way enables the precious metals to be directly sent to the manager of the IRA.


He will also be able to choose the location to store your physical precious metals.

National Storage Plan
Gold bullion coins 

All gold bullion coins are among the more preferred means today for investors to hold gold because they are extremely simple to buy, easy and convenient to hold, very easy to divide, widely identified and thus are easy to sell or trade...


Therefore,, if you are seeking the most affordable possible premium when acquiring gold bullion coins, the very best way to purchase them is in one-ounce form...Investors, will certainly frequently purchase bullion coins as a hedge against rising cost of living.

bullion coins might be an appealing financial investment because their value should rise if the buying power of fiat money, such as the U.S. dollar (USD), decreases.

This plan lets you store your gold or other precious metals into a national depository. 


Most of the established gold IRA companies work with the Delaware Depository Service Company, more commonly known as DDSC.


A national storage plan, however, means that your gold would be sent directly to the DDSC, rather than being shipped to a local IRA manager.

How do I fund an IRA

In order to fund your IRA, you have to make transfers, contributions, and rollovers from the already existing retirement plans.


It’s important to invest at least $5,000 or more in order to start your IRA and invest in gold or other precious metals.

What coins can I invest?

Precious metal IRA companies will assist you with your purchase of gold and also act as your assigned precious metals dealer.


The managing brokers will provide you with all the information regarding proper investment products and give you useful advice before choosing the IRA approved precious metals.


Following are the three most popular IRA approved bullion coins:








“Precious metal IRA companies will assist you with your purchase of gold

and also act as your assigned precious metals dealer.”

 American Eagle Gold Coins
 American Eagle Gold Coins
American Eagle Gold Coins
Investing in precious metals

When you buy gold or other precious metals through a precious metals IRA, it’s worth nothing that there are specific IRS rules and restrictions regarding the types of metals suitable for an IRA.

Gold, silver, palladium, and platinum are the permissible precious metals, however, there is a specific minimum requirement that is required on the purity of each metal you wish to include.


An expert IRA specialist will give you crucial advice and information on the type of products that are qualified to be invested.

Payment and purchase of gold

In order to purchase gold or any other precious metal that you and your IRA specialist have chosen to be best suited to your IRA needs, the trust company will fund the purchase one of the following two ways:


        Local Storage Option


        National Storage Plan


Both of these have been discussed above.

The Directed Trust Company will then fund your gold IRA company once a receipt has been provided to the trust company.

IRA approved coins

A gold IRA or a precious metals IRA will not hold just any type of precious metals or physical gold.


Below is a list of precious metals which are approved by the IRS which is laid out in Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997:










The main reason for this is to ensure that the gold and other precious metal products meet the minimum requirements likely to bring increasing value in the long-term.

So let’s take a look below at some of the types of coins that are accepted for Gold IRA investment.

IRA investment requirements

One of the chief requirements of IRA investment is that Gold bullions and coins must have a purity of 99.5% or higher. Following is a list of bars and coins that are in accordance with the IRA investment requirements:


     American Eagle and American Eagle Proof coins


     American Buffalo coins


     Austrian Philharmonic coins


     Australian Kangaroo coins


     British Britannia from 2013


     Credit Suisse bars and other bars and rounds produced        by an NYMEX or COMEX-approved refinery


      Canadian Maple Leaf coins


      Canadian Arctic Fox


      Canadian Polar Bear & Cub


       Canadian Polar Bear


       Chinese Panda coins

“One of the chief requirements of IRA investment is that Gold bullions and

coins must have a purity of 99.5% or higher.”

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Please Note:  Regal Assets recommends that you carefully review and research the risks and rewards connected with purchasing alternative assets such as physical precious metals as well as crypto before you make a purchase.

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Regal Assets Is one of the most highly recommended metals  IRA Firm In to-days economy, Intends to provide you high-quality alternate financial investment accounts to fit your every demand...


The firm was founded by Tyler Gallagher who specializes in aiding individuals diversify their investments in different assets, such as precious metals ...

Regal Assets started out as a gold Individual Retirement Account firm in 2009, yet has expanded its offerings to consist of cryptocurrency in 2017...

Regardless if you are interested in physical assets (such as gold and silver) Regal Assets and Regal Wallet offer a number of Individual Retirement Account accounts to fit your requirements...


Regal Assets intends to be every investor's one stop store when it concerns metals and cryptos investing. The Firm however specializes in assisting individual investors by including metals to their investment portfolios and also retirement accounts. As a matter of fact, considering that its foundation the company has assisted countless Americans transfer an existing Individual Retirement Account, SEP, 401( k), 403( b) or TSP strategy right into metals ...

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Fully-Insured Segregated Storage

As a result of IRS guidelines, your precious metals need to be kept at a certified vault...


Regal clients, despite account dimension, receive routine custody certificates documenting their holdings as well as account inventory levels.


Through Regal Assets strategic partnerships with the globe's top institutional vault providers, they are among the rare firms that provide they clients fully-insured and segregated precious metal storage space WORLDWIDE, at some of the lowest costs in the industry...

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